Link Building for Your Domain


Three Step Process

Step 1 – The Services

  • Select Regular or Featured Listings package
  • Click ‘Buy Now’ to pay using PayPal and be returned to site.
  • Fill in one simple form providing your submission details with title, keywords, description and several category choices.

Step 2 – The Advantage

  • We will visit your website and review it.
  • We will create up to 3 more titles and descriptions based on the keywords you provide.
  • We will list your website accordingly and in keyword related directory categories.

Step 3 – The Result

  • Upon completion of submission, we will email you detailing the exact URLs in each directory where your website has been listed.
  • Your website will gain over 25 keyword rich one way links.
  • Your website also gain 6 links to inner site pages.


About Link Building and the Affect it Has – Homepage

Link Building has fast become, and what all professionals in the field of search engine optimisation will testify to, an essential part of SEO. By building links from other quality content websites you are effectively letting search engines find and value your website on the web.

Many successful websites, oftentimes those found in top ten search engine results have many links pointing to their site from other websites. When starting a link building campaign it is important to target keyword phrases that are related to your website’s content as this will determine its theme and nature to search engines.

SEO Links and Relevancy

By using all of the above resources, targeting your website’s keywords and alternating them, you will build SEO links to your site that are relevant and valued by all the major search engines further adding value to, and driving targeted traffic to your website. One must also note that, whilst many sites will use many of the same link building methods to build links, not all campaigns will be of the same nature and different websites will require varying link building campaigns to be undertaken.